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Hey gents and ladies,

My new album "A Slideshow in Soliloquies" has been released and available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Please go to "" and download away !
For full streaming, visit my YouTube channel: existence619

This concept is about 3 Acts and 3 different stage of themes

Act I: Working life, boredom, living under rules and confinement
Act II: The working class, religion, caste system and politics
Act II: Love, loss, joy, and emotion
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I've have spent the last 5 nights living in a backpack.

Going to the fabled North of Thailand has been a wondrous experience for me. Being in 4 different locations in 4 different nights. I have never been able to travel like this before and it's rewarding to the say the least for my self and for my photography.

I have uploaded all the best images I have captured during this trip. I've really grown as a photographer from this - as it became evident what kind of photo needed to be taken. To me, finding the right location is 60% of the image right there. The rest is taking it. I hope you enjoy this and hope you as well can enjoy the North of Thailand even though you have to brave the cringing 1,876 turns around the mountains.
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Whatever I believed in. Everything I swore to protect and to uphold.


I am at the bottom of the deepest depths. Forfeited myself.


Strings of poor decisions have lead to this outcome of absolute.


What is there to look up to when the shadow is closing on you

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Australia tomorrow !!!

time to prep me camera and get ready for some awesomeness

see ya in 10 days
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Hello Everybody.

I'm quite empowered after I discontinued my Facebook account last Friday...
It's been three days and I feel great!

I hope to continue this because FB really tore down my insecurities.... costing me my relationship and my sense of sanity

I'll also take a hiatus from drinking.... and PORN !

I'll be investing my time on newer things.

I'm heart broken, but it's a good hurt.

Deviantart has always been my #1 site even on my Google Chrome, FB was second.
I'll always stay true to this site

Thank you everyone
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yes the date is 28th December 2010

Among million others, I am at work without a vacation plan or snow or a new year plan.

Who wants to high five to that?
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I'm goin to London for 2 weeks tonight so I shall be inactive BUUUUUUUUT
I'll bring back plenty of new deviations for ya'll to enjoy, I promise myself that :D

tally hooooooooooooooooooo
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I've just shifted my concentration back to music in these last few weeks.
My band and I went to the studio last weekend to begin recording our songs so ideas and practicing are back into focus. It was a good beginning! Manage to lay the music down for one song and I was editing and mastering it yesterday. Cubase is one sweet chimp.

Although I'm currently doing some art, I'm doing so without the aid of Photoshop since it got accidentally deleted. I feel bare without it ! At least Illustrator managed to stay . . . don't leave me AI

numan n.
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I think I might have discovered my style of art. . .
It might be a premature thought but I have noticed how most of my deviations look like and I think they all share a similar style....

negative space

notice how most of my deviations have the positive space object in a far corner - and the negative space stretches out throughout the borders.

i somehow like the look of negative space, to show us how large everything is. i like scenery shots, where the background takes up 80% of the artboard. shows us how grande everything is compared to the object in focus...

i love that

i might be the lucky one of discovering this for myself.
ill continue to develop this ^^
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I think i am about to wake up from a year-long artist block.

I can feel it.

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I can't believe I am done with another 4 years of higher education. However it wasn't as exciting as finishing highschool. It's time for a new beggining, love wise, work wise, and environment wise. So I am here with absolutely nothing on my agenda other than applying for a job: graphic designing or copywriting.


Everyone can share their thoughts when they finished university and how it has changed since then. The most important change being NO MORE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! *sob*

Twas fun

Numan N.
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It's pretty exciting that I have increased my recent activity in DA and it's turning out to be really fun.
I've had many oppurtunities to do some creative work these last few weeks and so I have seriously updated everything here.

Even more excited for my new camera Nikon D70s - I'm a newbie at it but learning pretty fast from my dad.

Also really pleased with my music which has had great reviews as of late. It seems my creative juice is deluging all over the place. That's something one should always take pride at.

Show some love and comment and favorite if you like my work :D

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Now safe beneath their wisdom and their feet
Here I will teach you truly how to sleep

But grace can still be found within the gale
With fear and reverence, raise your ragged sail

And who will stand to greet the blinding light
It's lonely when there's no one left to fight

And after all of this, I am amazed
That I am cursed far more than I am praised

In my analysis, what Thrice is trying to say is that each element has a mind of its own. It speaks to us and these are their sonnets.

Earth believes that every human being shall return back to it when they dead.

Water is boasting about it's massiveness and that none can conquer it.

Fire revels under the fact that it is made to destory and to herald wars.

Air says that he is not appreciated enough and is always taken for granted.

I love Thrice. If you guys have time, check out their new albums The Alchemy Index: Vols 1-4 : FIRE WATER AIR EARTH
amazing piece of songwriting.
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i've learnt lately that having a companion by your side makes life bearable and exhilirating.
having someone you love just merely being beside you is enough evidence that everything will be allright - whether it being an exam to prepare for, a fever to get over, a disagreement with parents - having that special person with you makes life alot easier
and i am not ready to give that up

as for my music and artwork - getting better. my new album "Parading a Stereotype" is almost finished, and will be out for download in a couple of months!
i will continue to post my deviations whenever I manage to concoct some. still in the learning stages of photoshop and illustrator - I seem to have the skill but not the creativity to pull off an amazing piece of work

keep on posting. later
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I use to do "art" a long time ago and havn't really tried anything out for a while.
So I've decided to get back into it. Starting with photography and manipulations.
I'm more of a musician, busy with my album and band.
Sorta juggling alot things at the moment, all this creative energy just ready to burst out.
Plus, taking up skateboarding helps too. Too many things at once.
So have to dedicate to all of these areas.

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